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Wildlife Checklist

Smith and Bybee Lakes Wildlife Area
Checklist courtesy of Metro

Key for birds   (Presence of birds varies with the seasons)

Y all year
W winter resident; October - March
S summer resident; April - September
M migrant, pass through in spring and fall; April, May, September, October


Most mammals are nocturnal, secretive and hard to see. Look for signs of their presence: tracks, trails, scat, chewings, etc. All mammals except bats are residents all year.

Virginia opossum (introduced)
Trowbridge’s shrew
Townsend’s mole
Eastern cottontail rabbit
Deer mouse
Townsend’s vole (meadow mouse)
Nutria (introduced)
Red fox
River otter
Long-tailed weasel
Striped skunk
Black-tailed deer


Western painted turtle
Northwestern garter snake
Common garter snake

Long-toed salamander
Pacific treefrog
Bullfrog (introduced)


All of the fish now in the lakes are introduced non-native fish.

Largemouth bass
Black crappie
Brown bullhead (catfish)
Yellow perch


Canada goose W
Wood duck W
Mallard Y
Northern pintail W
Northern shoveler W
American wigeon W
Gadwall W
Green-winged teal W
Cinnamon teal S
Canvasback W
Lesser scaup W
Ring-necked duck W
Bufflehead W
Common merganser W
Hooded merganser W
Ruddy duck W

Other water birds
Pied-billed grebe Y
Western grebe W
Double-crested cormorant Y
Great blue heron Y
Great egret W
Green heron S
American coot Y

Gulls and terns
Glacuous-winged gull W
Ring-billed gull W
California gull W
Caspian tern S

Killdeer Y
Greater yellowlegs M
Long-billed dowitcher M
Western sandpiper M
Common snipe S

Birds of prey
Turkey vulture S
Osprey S
Bald eagle W
Sharp-shinned hawk Y
Cooper’s hawk Y
Red-tailed hawk Y
American kestrel Y
Great horned owl Y

Doves and pigeons
Rock dove (pigeon) Y
Mourning dove S

Swifts and hummingbirds
Vaux’s swift S
Rufous hummingbird S

Belted kingfisher Y

Downy woodpecker Y
Northern flicker Y

Jays and Crows
Western scrub jay Y
Amercian Crow Y
Western wood pewee S
Pacific slope flycatcher S
Willow flycatcher S

Tree swallow S
Violet-green swallow S
Barn swallow S
Cliff swallow S

Chickadees and similar families
Black-capped chickadee Y
Bushtit Y
Red-breasted nuthatch M
Brown creeper Y
Golden-crowned kinglet W
Ruby-crowned kinglet M

Bewick’s wren Y
House wren S
Winter wren W
Marsh wren S

American robin Y
Varied thrush W
Swainson’s thrush S

Waxwings and starlings
Cedar waxwing Y
European starling (introduced) Y

Warblers and vireos
Warbling vire M
Yellow-rumped warbler M
Yellow warbler S
Wilson’s warbler S
Common yellowthroat S
Orange-crowned warbler M
Black-throated gray warbler M

Blackbirds and tanagers
Red-winged blackbird Y
Brewer’s blackbird Y
Brown-headed cowbird S
Bullock’s oriole S
Western tanager M

Sparrows and finches
Spotted towhee Y
Song sparrow Y
Savannah sparrow S
White-crowned sparrow Y
Golden-crowned sparrow W
Dark-eyed junco W
House sparrow Y
Black-headed grosbeak S
Evening grosbeak W
Purple finch M
House finch Y
American goldfinch Y

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